Grab these Black Friday Deals for Beauty

‘Tis the Season to Save
With Black Friday Beauty Deals.

Top 30 Black Friday Beauty Deals


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30 Pre-Black Friday Deals for Fashion

NORDSTROM - Black Friday Deals for Men, Women & Kids

‘Tis the Season


for Fashion


Red Satin Dress >> Leg Warmers  >> Ring Set >> Velvet Robe >> Mittens

Happy Monday, Everyone. I can see no better way to start off a work week, even if it’s shortened, then to discuss the  Black Friday Deals.  Yes, it’s already begun. WHOOHOOO. With regards to fashion, this is the best time to shop online as well as in stores for huge savings, free shipping as well as freebies.I personally am having an unhealthy obsession with all of the goodies at Barneys Warehouse! ( I say unhealthy due to the hours spent oogling their collections, when I should be getting shit done 🙂 ).  I’ve been cyber-stalking these shoes for over a year now and with the special discount I listed in the blog post below, I believe I may actually pull the trigger. Below I captured many more highlights for you to check out to save this season. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Black Friday Deals for Beauty Lovers. Enjoy!

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Kiss-Away Chapped Lips With these Lip Treatments


Best Lip Scrubs, DIY and More…

The Best Lip Treatement

With these dry and winter days right around the corner, preparing our skin should start right now. As we nourish and exfoliate our most vital organ, we tend to forget one key part of our beautiful faces….OUR LIPS.  And with the berry stained lips becoming the fall-to-winter trend; having a cracked or a lack-luster pout will ruin any beauty gals day. This is why I have provided three of my favorite lip scrubs to get you through these next couple of months. Below you will find DIY tutorials as well as the best in the beauty business for lip treatments that I have tried. Of course, this is my personal opinion, but I have gathered my girlfriends favorites as well, for just a little less bias. Enjoy!

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Makeup Tutorial: Mastering Dewy Skin

Easy Steps to Create Glowing Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin TutorialI know we all love to contour, especially for its widely appreciated role in lifting and defining.  And after a couple of trials with multiple errors, I have grown to love this look, as well. However, when we are discussing a natural or near-natural day time look, nothing beats dewy skin. Yes, that fresh-faced, I-just-got-back-from-the-gym glow, but I haven’t stepped in there for months youthful radiance. And with its multiple ultra-moisturizing applications, your skin will happily thank you during the dry winter months. But there’s a little trick to this technique to keep you glowing and far from greasy. Scroll down to learn these easy steps to master this lovely look. Enjoy!

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